who i am

Hi there 👋🏼! I'm Willy Ovalle, a software developer based in Berlin 🇩🇪. I grew up in Santo Domingo 🇩🇴, graduated in Telecommunications Engineering and have a Master's in Science of Networking and Systems Administration. I currently work automating social advertising at smartly.io (prev klarna, instacarro).

I have been working professionally since 2012 (damn has it been that long? 😥), working in small and big companies in Santo Domingo, Austin, Stockholm and now Berlin. Originally I started my career in the .NET stack (along many other Microsoft technologies), these days I do most of my work in typescript (and js in general). Some tools/technologies I'm interested in: typescript, node, docker, k8s, jamstack, serverless.

I spend my free time playing music, reading (mostly listening tbh) books, doing open source work, enjoying time with friends and family and watching way too much youtube. Catch me up on twitter… or don’t, it's your call; I’m only a biography after all.

what i've been jamming to

in the last few weeks.here's a playlist to know me better

what i've been reading

or listening, whatever, love audiobooks